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Share A Refund offers customers a few different options for integration. This optionality makes for a streamlined implementation, especially in the case of large enterprises, with a high-degree of regulation and compliance.

This post defines the options available, and the process involved within, both in setup and in the normal operational workflow.


Direct access to carrier account

The online billing center provided to customers from the carriers has all the functionality required to do shipment auditing successfully. Recent invoices are available for download, claims can be filed within, and refunds verified from claims recently submitted.

Everything needed to perform audit and recovery is available within the online billing center, and all parts are automated by Share A Refund. As such, the majority of customers choose this method of integration because there is no setup work required; simply input the same username and password that is used to log in to the carrier account, and Share a Refund does the rest.


Share A Refund downloads recent invoices, performs an audit on each shipment, then submits claims and disputes with the carriers from inside of the online billing center. Submitted disputes are then tracked and verified as credits are delivered back to your shipping accounts.


  • Fast setup
  • Turnkey service

Who it’s for

  • Small businesses
  • Medium-sized businesses
  • Large enterprises

Secure FTP data pool

For customers that are integrated with the carriers via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Share A Refund has a solution that works conveniently within existing information systems and payable procedures. Daily or weekly invoices are processed by Share a Refund and remittance documents created and remitted according to the transaction set standards defined by the carriers.

Share a Refund supports both direct integration and integration through value-added networks (VAN), for added flexibility.


Share A Refund pickups carrier invoice posted to shared outgoing folders. The shipment auditing service, built into Share A Refund, then analyzes each shipment for billing mistakes, and creates adjustment notification documents. These documents are dropped into incoming shared folders, which are then forwarded along to carriers by internal resources or VAN’s.


Service failures are handled by the claim submission engine through the carrier website, in the cases where carriers do not support service failure submittals through EDI. Such cases are carrier dependent and defined in the transaction set rules defined for that carrier. Customers with the ability to file claims on service failures (i.e. no waivers exist on part of shipping profile) opt to provide Share a Refund with direct access to shipping accounts, for the automated claim filing and verification services built-in to Share a Refund.


  • More refunds
  • Higher throughput

Who it’s for

  • High-volume shippers
  • Large enterprises

Share A Refund provides flexibility to customers with a high degree of corporate governance. Any requirements related to access controls, protection of information and privacy are capabilities built into the Share a Refund system.

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