Troubleshooting email confirmation

A new customer asks, “Why am I not getting the confirmation email in the signup process?”

Useful tip

Verify the email address entered is valid, then check the spam folder of your inbox.

The email sending service built into Share A Refund is highly reliable. Emails are sent within milliseconds from the system.

Usually, when there’s an issue of an issue not being received, it’s usually on the receiver end of the email exchange. The intent of this guide is to provide some tips on how to resolve the issue.

Additional messages can be requested within the app. Tap Resend email verification.

Where to check for the email

Check in the spam folder within your inbox. If the email did arrive in the spam folder, mark the message as Not spam, and add the sender of the email as a known contact in your address book. This will help to eliminate future messages from ending up in the spam folder.

Common issues

There are some common issues that could be delaying or prevent the email from being received.

Email server is rejecting message

Strict email security prevents messages from unknown senders. This can be resolved through an update on the mail server.

Mailbox is full

Clear out messages to be able to receive the email verification message.

Address is invalid

A typo in the email address can be corrected by contacting customer service.

What to do next

If the email cannot be found, or if the email address entered on your account requires an update, then contact customer service for help with getting your account set up properly.

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