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The intent of this article is to detail the launch process for new hired employees. This serves as a guidance for the Hiring Manager for the onboarding process of a new hire.



  1. Check this box to copy this trello card and be added into the Security Support board
  2. Complete the SAR Basic System Setup checklist below
  3. Check this box to move card to Launch.Dev list

SAR Basic System Setup

  1. Create @main account. Note: Send Welcome and Reset Password emails and refer to for selection of checkboxes for Role
  2. Create @internal account. Note: Send Reset Password email
  3. Create @support account.
  4. Create @slack account. Type: Multi-channel guest. Add to #random and #general
  5. Create @trello account. Type: Normal. Set up shortlink route to trello activity stream >> r OR r. Add link into this card description under Custom Field %trello_activity
  6. Provide access to common Google shared drives. Note: Share folder Role: Viewer
  7. Find user @crm Copy and paste Global User ID (guid) into this card description under Custom Field %global_id. Assign onboarding drips to user. (i.e. 100. Launch Org)

Launch Dev

HR will have to select which department the new hire is a part of. Then select the new hire position. An article is available within the checklist for the further creation of the new hire logins in required systems.

(training article pending)

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