How to calculate UPS and FedEx contract negotiation cost savings

A customer recently asked, “How do you calculate the UPS and FedEx cost savings that result from your contract negotiation services?” In this article, we will detail the carrier agreement optimization service and how Share A Refund calculates savings.

Carrier Agreement Optimization Service

Share A Refund highlights new cost-savings opportunities for your business by benchmarking data and assessing current shipping spend. The Share A Refund carrier agreement optimization team has reviewed thousands of carrier contracts.

They are trained to dissect every single line item, looking for areas to make agreement adjustments to benefit the shipper. Extensive experience and in-depth knowledge are both leveraged to assess your historical shipping data, analyze your current costs, compare numbers to industry averages, and validate your key performance indicators. Taking a holistic approach optimizes carrier agreements and supply-chain processes.

Calculate cost savings on UPS and FedEx agreements

Pro tip

After scouring contracts looking for areas to increase savings, Share A Refund turns those insights into action.

After Share A Refund negotiates the carrier agreement and it’s agreed upon by the carrier, customers will begin to experience freight cost savings from Share A Refund’s FedEx and UPS contract negotiations. Cost savings are determined by comparing the net shipping costs under the new carrier contract to what the net shipping costs would have been under the former carrier contract.

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