What documents do I need to submit a lost or damaged claim with FedEx?

To make the claim process as quick as possible, FedEx may suggest uploading supporting documentation for the claim as soon as you get it. If filing the claim manually, you can Add To A Claim using the FedEx online service. You will then be directed to drag and drop documents from your computer to your open claim.

Pro tip for filing claims with FedEx

Documentation is not required for claims with declared values of less than $100.

Documents to support FedEx lost or damaged claim

Supporting documents can include:

  • Scan of FedEx® US Airbill, FedEx Ship Manager® printout, and/or FedEx Ground Pickup Record
  • Photos of package and damaged contents (if applicable)
  • Serial number(s) of damaged or lost merchandise
  • Proof-of-value documentation, such as:
    • Copy of original invoice from vendor/supplier
    • Copy of retail invoice/receipt
    • Final confirmation screen of an online order with proof of payment
    • Itemized repair invoice or statement of non-repair
    • Appraisal(s) – Expense statement

Share A Refund prepares all of these documents in a claim submission that’s sent to the carrier automatically. All claims are filed according to best practices and tracked throughout the lifecycle of the claims management process. For the majority of customers, no action is required on your end to successfully file lost and damaged claims through the Share A Refund service.

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