Add additional users to your account

In some circumstances, you might want to add an additional colleague to your account. This article outlines how to easily add an additional user to your account.

First time user?

You will need to instruct an existing user to proceed through the directions below.

Directions to add a user to your account

  • Login to your customer account.
  • Tap on Settings in the left sidebar.
  • Navigate to the Invite Users card.
  • Input the email addresses of colleagues.
  • Tap Invite button.

Next steps

  • An email will be sent to each added email address.
  • Recipient taps the button within the email and registers a user account.
  • Once registered, the User will be added to your account automatically.

Important feature details

  • Only admin users can add or remove an additional user.
  • Billing and Reporting Notification Emails are managed within the Settings Card as a completely separate service. Add additional users email addresses here, as needed.
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