Report null shipping accounts

The intent of this article is to provide reference to the Report null shipping accounts value within the Notifications section of the Edit User page.

Directions on how to update

  1. Open Manager Dashboard.
  2. Tap Users in the left sidebar menu.
  3. Search for a given customer.
  4. Tap pencil icon to edit record.
  5. Navigate to the Notifications section.
  6. Enable or disable checkbox for title: Report null shipping accounts.

Additional notes on null shipping accounts

By default, no email will be sent to the NULL shipments shipping account. (Skipped)

If the checkbox is checked then all accounts will be included in emails.

For example: if there are 5 shipping accounts and only 1 has shipments then the weekly performance report will include 1 shipping account, and 4 will be skipped.
If the checkbox is checked then all 5 will be included in the weekly performance report.

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