Invoice only notifications

The intent of this article is to detail the field Invoice Only Notifications located on the Settings Page of the Merchant Dashboard.

The purpose of the Invoice Only Notifications field is to send invoices to accounts payable parties, such as or otherwise. The emails that are sent to this field are limited, by design, to just the email that includes the pdf attachment of the invoices posted to a merchant account.

Billing notification emails, such as weekly invoicing reports, invalid payment methods and otherwise are routed to the list of recipients listed within the Billing Notifications field. Note: email addresses listed within the Billing Notifications field do indeed receive the same Invoice-related emails and notifications that are received by the Invoice Only Notifications email recipients, in addition to all other communication.


To add, delete or update emails within the Invoice Only Notifications field, proceed through the following steps:

  • Log in to app as Merchant Admin or Merchant Manager
  • Navigate to the left sidebar menu and tap Settings. Opens the Edit Website page.
  • On the Edit Website page, navigate to the Notification Emails card.
  • Tap on Invoice Only Notifications field to add or remove emails.
  • Tap Update button to save the changes.

Note: changes are made real-time. Any future communication is sent to the distribution list.

Note: any previous invoices and related emails that were not sent to the email address targeted can be download from the Edit Invoice page.

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