Export Customer Invoices Summary Report

The intent of this article is to outline how to easily export the Customer Invoices Summary Report. This report is available in the instance that you are a reseller that invoices a customer for additional items.

Directions to export Customer Invoices Summary Report

  • Log in to your reseller account.
  • Tap Reports in the left sidebar menu.
  • Navigate to Export data card on the page.
  • Choose Customer Invoices Summary Report from template field.
  • Select the desired date range.
  • Choose the file type.
  • Choose Unpaid as the payment status.
  • Tap Download button.

Information included within the report

The summary report includes the following information:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Your Cost
  • Customer Cost

Report options

You are able to download the report based on the payment status or you can determine the ideal cadence and schedule the report to be sent to you automatically.

Payment status

    • Paid
    • Unpaid
    • Partially Paid
    • Refunded

Customer number

The customer number can be edited within the Edit User Page.

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