How to generate a savings report for carrier agreement optimization

This article details the steps to generate a Savings Report on any customer account that has Carrier Agreement Optimization enabled.

  • Sent to the email address specified for your user account within minutes of initiating the request.
  • Scheduled according to the timeline frequency specified with the Carrier Agreement Optimization settings specified for a given user.

How to generate and send CAO savings report

  1. Select Users from the left sidebar within your admin user account.
  2. Tap or search for the User.
  3. Tap the line for the given User to go to the Edit User Page.
  4. Locate and tap the pencil icon within the Shipping Accounts card.
  5. Once on the Edit Shipping Account page navigate to Carrier Agreement Optimization – Savings Report card.
  6. Select desired Date Rage.
    Example: August 1, 2018 – August 31, 2018
  7. Tap Generate and Email button.
  8. A report of savings will be delivered to the email listed on the account.

Savings report details

The report will showcase the customer’s savings down to the penny. Each shipment along with its respective savings are outlined in detail in the report. The report is divided between transportation charges (Ground, Express, International) and non-transportation charges (surcharges, fuel, accessorials). The detailed pages display individual tracking numbers along with the corresponding savings secured for each cost component billed on each and every single specific shipment, providing full transparency to customers.

Report format

Date range is specific to invoice date. Any invoices posted to the shipping account within the bounds of the date range selected will be included on the Savings Report.

Invoices are listed consecutively according to date range. The invoice number and invoice total billed during the period are listed as headings. Each shipment billed to an invoice is listed under an invoice heading in order of the first charge observed for that shipment, and combine all debits and credits billed to that shipment.

Each cost component is listed as a line item. Headings for each column are defined as the following:

  • Published charges :: list rates according to carrier service guide
  • Old charges :: calculated values, based on component charges observed and the pricing agreement in place before the CAO project
  • New charges :: charges observed on carrier invoices billed during the stated date range
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