Create a CAO View

The intent of this view is to guide Merchant Admin, Merchant Manager and Merchant Sales Agent on building a CAO View.

What is a CAO View.

This is the dashboard that showcases all shipping charges, discounts or otherwise that are billed to a customer. It’s what Auditor uses in his consulting practice. A primary tool in the carrie agreement optimization workflow.


  1. Log into the app using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to Shipping Accounts from the left sidebar menu.

  3. Search for the Shipping Account in the top search box.

  4. Select the Shipping Account record specified.

    > Don’t see it? Try searching through Users. Find the User and select the Shipping Account from the Shipping Account Card on the Edit User page.

  5. Edit Shipping Account Page. Navigate to the CAO View card.

  6. Tap the button to Generate CAO View

What’s next

A view will be generated. The amount of time required to generate a view is dependent on the size of the account, the load on the carrier servers, etc. Email sent to requester once the view is ready.

  1. Email sent to requester once the view is ready.

  2. Card created in Auditing department.

  3. Review of the account processed and an overspend estimate reported in a deliverables package that can be shared with the customer in the sales process that you see fit.


Reach out to your Merchant Support contact and request a meeting with the Auditor to review the launch program for Carrier Agreement Optimization.

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