Prospectus email notifications

The purpose of this article is to explain the merchant email notification process when a customer submits their information for a Prospectus.

The email address entered into the webform by the user requesting a prospectus will receive an email from your company with the PDF report attached. Also, the user can email this report to up to ten colleagues from the bottom Prospectus Report Page.

Prospectus email notifications for merchants

When a customer inputs the required information to run a Prospectus, an email is sent to both the customer and the merchant. The contacts listed under Report Notifications Recipients in your merchant account will be notified.  The email that is sent to the customer is also sent to the designated contacts listed in the merchant account.

Where to check for the email

If you can’t locate the email notification check the spam folder in your inbox. If the email did arrive in the spam folder, mark the message as Not Spam and add the sender of the email to your address book. This will help to eliminate future messages from ending up in the spam folder.

How to add, remove or update recipients

If you need to add a new recipient in your account follow the directions outlined below.

  • Log in to your account
  • On the left sidebar, tap Settings
  • In the cards on this page, look for Reporting Notifications
  • Add or remove emails from the list of recipients
  • Tap the Update button for the card
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