How to apply a free trial to a customer account

Typical use case

A free trial was offered to a customer verbally, during an in-person meeting, and needs to be applied to the user account.

Free trials can be invoked by a customer through a free trial sign up link, or your reseller user account. The intent of this topic is to detail how to apply a free trial to a user’s account.

Directions for setting a trial

  1. Login to your Reseller account.
  2. Tap Users on left sidebar.
  3. Tap the user to edit.
  4. Look for the free trial card on this page.
  5. Select the length of the free trial.
  6. Tap Set trial button.

set free trial on customer account

Don’t see the free trial card?

The option to offer a free trial to a customer expires after one month from the sign up date.

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