How to handle invalid users and spam accounts

A merchant recently asked, “why am I getting sign ups from fake customers and how do I stop it?”

Useful tip

Set the User to Enabled = N to remove the record from the list of Active Users.

Directions on how to disable the user

  1. Sign in to your admin account.
  2. Tap on Users in the left sidebar.
  3. Tap on the record from list of Users.
  4. Update Enabled = Y to Enabled = N.
  5. Tap the Update Button.

What disabling a User does

The user is longer able to log into the system. Upon login attempt, a notification will alert the customer that the account has been disabled.

Admin User can view the disabled account by selecting the Show All option on the list of Users page. From this page, a User can be re-enabled, if necessary.

Why invalid users are able to register

There’s a balance between allowing users to register and making the sign up workflow more complicated to prevent bad actors from creating accounts.

Merchants that actively market the service will have some Users create an account that might not be a good fit for the service, for a variety of reasons: no shipping accounts, low shipping volume, etc. The best thing to do with these users is to qualify each with additional measures, including: phone calls, emails, etc. Any that are indeed Invalid can be updated using the directions above.

Making account creation easy for Users is the single most important criteria in the creation of the sign up workflow. Second only to security. Create an Account gives anyone the ability to sign up for your merchant program, though these users are created with the lowest level of access and controls.

Security measures built-in

Bad actors are actively limited from creating multiple account through the security measures built into your Merchant Account. Several accounts created within the same session or from the same regional are rate limited and blocked, following security best practices.

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