How to obtain carrier api key

An Access Key provides your company access to the carrier system which holds the information you or your customers need to ship, rate, and track a package. An Access Key is required for access to all available HTML and XML versions of the APIs.


  • 1: Sign up for the carrier profile or log in now to the carrier website
  • 2: Login to your carrier profile

    Note – If you have a Shipping account with the carrier, you will need to know your Account number then proceed to Step 2, if not you need to open a carrier account to gain an Account number (Navigate to Account Summary, tap Open a Shipping Account, tap Open an Account today and proceed with creating your account)
  • 3: Open

    Note – (if you are already logged in to your profile select the Support tab, then in the left navigation bar select Technology Support and finally select u Developer Kit)
  • 4: Select an API from the Developer APIs
  • 5: Download the API documentation
  • 6: Come back to the carrier Developer Kit page and click Request an access key, confirm your information, tap the Request Access Key button at the bottom right of the screen
  • 7: update within app /reseller/settings
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