How to enable online billing on customer carrier accounts

Don’t forget to check your resources folder.

Merchants can go to the resources folder within the account dashboard to find Guide: Enable Online Billing. 

As a merchant, your customers may ask you to enable online billing on their behalf. The directions below detail the process for enrolling in the Online Billing Center for the common carriers.  With online billing enabled, you can perform auditing and recovery services without interrupting workflows.

UPS online billing setup

1. If the customer has an online account with UPS, use those credentials to log in here.

Note: Keep a recent invoice near to pull information from for the future steps.

2. Enter the UPS account number.

UPS online billing tips

Individual UPS Account is the most usual selection made at this step. Consolidated Plans are intended for users with multiple UPS accounts. Selecting Consolidated Plan at this step will enable online billing for all UPS accounts automatically.

3. Click Continue.

You will now be directed to authenticate your account.

4. Enter requested information from recent invoice into fields.

5. Click Continue.

FedEx online billing setup

1. Go to and click on Support in upper right corner of screen.

2. Scroll down and click on View & Pay Bill.

3. Click FedEx Billing Online.

Note: If you already have a User ID and password (used for FedEx Ship Manager®, My FedEx®, etc.), enter it.

4. Click Login and verify the account information.

DHL online billing setup

Note: Keep a recent invoice near to pull information from for the future steps.

1. Log in to the DHL MyBill system.

2. Click on the Sign-up to MyBill button to begin the process of signing up for MyBill.

3. Select the billing country and click Continue.

Your screen should display Register your account screen here.

4. Complete the required fields.

5. The Contact Details fields refer to the person who should be contacted regarding invoices.

6. Complete the Your last DHL Bill field to verify your account.

7. Check the boxes and click Save and Continue.

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