How to disable auditing on a customer account

Are you on the edit shipping account page?

Look for the Auditing Enabled field, select N and tap Update.

There are business cases where auditing should be disabled. The intent of this guide is to cover such cases and detail directions on how to disable auditing from inside the merchant admin user account.

Directions on disabling auditing

Are you logged in as a merchant admin?

This feature is only available within the merchant admin user type. Customers must request such changes through the merchant.

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Tap Users in the left sidebar.
  3. Tap the row for the targeted User.
  4. Tap the Shipping Account to update.
  5. Navigate to the Edit Shipping Account card.
  6. Tap Auditing Enabled and select N.
  7. Tap the Update Shipping Account button.

Common reasons to disable auditing

Is there a waiver on late shipments?

You’re likely looking for a different option. Select Y on the MBG field. This removes the claim filing service on shipments delivered late due to service failure, rather than disabling auditing entirely.

Customer under contract with different provider. Lost and damage claims management, carrier agreement optimization, data analytics and more can be performed despite another provider auditing the account.

Customer doesn’t have a need for auditing and claim filing. Home-grown systems for filing disputes might already exist for a customer. Disabling the auditing could be useful in such cases.

Setting up an account with auditing disabled

New customer accounts

New customers with requirements to disable auditing can create an account as a normal customer (i.e. one where auditing is typically enabled). Within the first few minutes of creating the account, the system should be set to disable auditing. This will ensure that no disputes are filed on the account.

Existing customer accounts

Existing customers with existing shipping accounts can be edited according to the directions specified above. Any open disputes prior to the setting adjustment will be tracked through the auditing and recovery workflow. However, no new disputes will be filed for that shipping account.

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