Customer Invoicing Terms

The intent of this article is to guide a merchant_admin or merchant_manager user in the process of adjusting the Billing Settings on a given user or customer account. Specifically, this article points to the Net Terms specification and location inside of your account.

Directions to adjust Net Terms

To adjust the customer invoicing net terms, proceed with the following:

  • Log in to dashboard as merchant_admin or merchant_manager.
  • Go to to the Users list view.
  • Search for a given user.
  • Tap on targeted user. This opens the User Detail View.
  • Navigate to the Billing Settings card.
  • Adjust Net Terms and set to targeted value
  • Tap Update button.
Edit Net Terms

Note: the adjustment of terms updates invoices to reflect the due date on those invoices, among the other Billing Settings specified for a given user.

Billing Terms Options

The following list includes the billing terms options available for a give user:

  • 0 (default)
  • 7
  • 15
  • 20
  • 30
  • + others

Additional configurations related to User Billing Settings or Customer Invoice Settings beyond the terms that are specified for invoicing can be found within various articles in this article category.

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