Create a new customer account

As you a merchant, you will need to create new customer or user accounts within the dashboard. This article will outline how to create those customers accounts within the app and edit shipping accounts.

Directions for adding a new customer

The following guide is intended for Admin Merchant Users.

  • Login to your merchant account.
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar within the dashboard.
  • Tap Add User button.
  • Select User from the Role Type field.
  • Complete the required fields on the form.
  • Tap Add User button at bottom of the form.

You should now be able to view the new customer on the user page.

Are you on the create new user page?

Fill out the contact details on the Edit User form completely. This information is used to create the customer invoice.

Add a shipping account

You will want to add a shipping account to your customer’s profile. You can manage a customer’s shipping accounts by following these steps.

  • Login to your merchant account.
  • Tap Users on the left sidebar.
  • Search for the customer and tap their profile.
  • Tap Add Account in Edit User page.
  • Choose the customer’s carrier.
  • Input required carrier username and password credentials.
  • Tap Add Shipping Account button.

Repeat these steps if your customer has accounts with multiple carriers.

Edit customer shipping accounts

If you need to make changes to a shipping account, this guide is intended to direct you.

  • Login to your merchant account.
  • Tap Shipping Account on the left sidebar.
  • Search for the Customer/User.
  • Tap the name of the User.
  • Tap the required shipping account under Shipping Account.
  • Make necessary changes to the shipping account.
  • Tap Update button

Shipping account updates

EDI credentials

The merchant can manually edit customer shipping credentials. Under the Setup Type field, you can select either online of electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI works best for shippers with high volumes.

Lost and Damaged Claims Management

If a customer wants to enable or disable LDS on their account, you can go to the Lost and Damaged Claims Card and update the field to either enabled or disabled. Once enabled the system files lost and damaged claims automatically with the necessary paperwork to get claims processed faster.

Audit and Recovery

You have the control to disable or enable auditing on a customer’s account. If the field is set to “N” no claims are being filed including service failures and disputes. If the field is set to “Y” all packages are being audited for overcharges and then claims filed with the carrier.

Shipping waivers

Every carrier has a money-back guarantee (MBG). If a shipment is late by even a minute, the shipper is eligible for a full refund. Some shippers have agreements with their carriers to waive rights on filing claims for the MBG. If this is the case, set the MBG Waived field to “Y”. The system will not file claims for late delivery service failures.

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