DHL Express insurance settings

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Check out the Enable lost and damage service article within this Share A Refund help center.

The settings listed below are intended to provide guidance to Share A Refund customers in configuring lost and damage claims for DHL express automatically, within the Share A Refund customer dashboard. The options detailed below are available within the Edit shipping account page, on the Lost and damage service section.

Template / Default options for DHL:

  • Enabled. Y (Auto)
    This ensures that claims are filed automatically.
  • Include service failures. Y
    Note: mark as N when no time-sensitivity exists for typical shipments.
    Note: mark as Y for time-sensitive, perishable shipments. Claims will be submitted on any shipment not delivered on the scheduled delivery date.
    Examples of time-sensitive perishable shipments:
    Example: Fresh produce
    Example: Specialty foods
    Example: Live tissue samples
    Exclusions for time-sensitive perishable shipments:
    Hazardous materials
    Oversized shipments
  • Claim type. DHL Express (most common)
    Claims are submitted through your DHL express account.
  • Product name. Specific to your business
    Enter the name of the product you ship the most.
    Tip: Be specific by choosing the name of a single product
    Tip: Use the same name defined on your customer invoice.
    Example: Basil
    Example: Parmesan cheese
    Example: Biopsy
  • Product description. Specific to your business
    Tell us a bit more about the Product.
    Example: cold pack container
    Example: 3 year aged, artesian
    Example: small sample size
  • Product quantity. Specific to your business
    Provide the quantity of the product included in typical order.
    Note: This will be used to create each line item on the documents generated.
    Example: 30
    Example: 7
    Example: 1
  • Product price. Specific to your business
    Provide the list price ofthe product included in typical order.
    Note: This will be used to create each line item on the documents generated.
    Example: $4.52
    Example: $19.99
    Example: $624.00
  • Claim valuation methodology. Fixed valuation methodology
    This determines how the total of the claim is calculated.
    Note: Alternate claim valuation methodologies require input from Share A Refund. Please contact customer service for more info. 
    Alternate types of claim valuation methodology:
    Weight-based valuations
    Reference field mapping for box size
    Reference field mapping for sku
    Shipping method type mapping
    Ship from location mapping
    Ship to location mappingCommon policies requiring alternate valuation models:
    High-Value Goods: Parcel Pro™
    UPS Capital Elite™ for Vintners
  • Claim amount. $100
    This implies a $100 claim amount on each claim submitted.
  • Comments/explanation. Merchandise destroyed
    Comments are used on the claim form to help UPS Capital see the reason for which a claim is filed.
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