How declared value is handled for claims

UPS and FedEx automatically protect shipments against loss or damage up to a value of $100 without a declaration of value.

If the value of your items goes beyond $100, you might declare a higher amount of value for the contents of the shipment. The intent of this article is to detail how purchased declared value is processed within the Share A Refund Lost and Damage Claims Product.

Declared Value processing

Any shipment where additional declared value was purchased is handled in an expected and predictable way by the lost and damaged claims management product. In short, the amount of declared value purchased is referenced and included within all submittals back to the carrier.

This includes:

  • web forms
  • claim forms


The amount of the commercial invoice created references the amount of declared value for a given shipment. All claims are filed according to best practices and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the claims management process. Normally, no action is required on your end to successfully file lost and damaged claims.

Overrides and controls

Claim amount can be specified on a per shipment basis. You can manage this from the Shipment Detail View. To do so, simply specify a claim amount different than the default amount.

Package Inspection

Your carrier shouldschedules a package inspection. An insurance adjustor will assess the quality of packaging materials and certification of boxes as part of the claim assessment.

Any pictures of the damaged contents help expedite this process. Any documents uploaded to the Shipment Detail View within your account are included in the Claim Submittal.

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