Enable Carrier Agreement Compliance (CAC)

Share A Refund makes it easy to know if you’re getting your deserved shipping discounts. Carrier Agreement Compliance (CAC) evaluates each line item on carrier invoices for rate accuracy. This includes transportation charges, discounts, incentives, accessorial charges, and much more. The intent of this article is to explain the CAC workflow.

How to enable CAC

Your active FedEx, UPS and DHL pricing agreements need to be loaded into the Share A Refund system. This allows the software to compare targeted rates to those observed on your most recent carrier invoices. The software can compare the most recent six months of invoices with the active agreement.

Not sure where to find your carrier agreement?

Agreements can be simulated from your recent shipping activity as well. Call Share A Refund to discuss any questions.

CAC workflow

1. Send pdf copy of agreement to Share A Refund
2. Agreement loaded into Share A Refund system
3. Automated analysis performed
4. Compliance report created
5. Refund credits applied

Frequency of the report

The report is commonly sent once per quarter (every 3 months). This ensures no shipments are missed inside of six-month window.

Note: Carrier Agreement Compliance is done through the EDI connection for those that are EDI integrated.

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